ARE Industrial Buildings A & B

Project Type: Design-Build
Square Footage: 551,760

Project Overview

United Mechanical is proud to be a key team member in designing and building of this Class A R&D Life Science campus. In order to provide maximum flexibility to Alexandria when pursuing tenants, this project was designed with a base infrastructure for commercial office tenants with the ability to expand to meet the needs of Life Science tenants. Ultimately Alexandria was able to lease the buildings to Life Science tenants which necessitated the build-out of two 2,130 ton central plans and 960,000 CFM of 100% outside air custom air handlers coupled with 960,000 cfm of high-velocity laboratory exhaust fan. Engineering for the project included wind and chemical reentrainment studies. Our design for the project included the option to draw 100% of the outside air from outside the roof screen if needed based upon the properties of the tenant’s chemical usage. These lofty goals were obtained while achieving a LEED certification for the project. Based upon United Mechanical’s teamwork and partnership, beyond the Core/Shell project we have completed over 250,000 SF of Life Science R&D tenant improvement space within the buildings. These tenants have included specialty spaces such as Vivariums, a 35,000 cfm Chemistry laboratory, and BSL2 clean room spaces.

Project Details

  • Owner: Alexandria Real Estate
  • Project Type: Design-Build