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Uber – Mission Bay

Geographic Market: San Francisco, CA
Square Footage: 186,000 & 203,000

 New eleven and six story ground up buildings in the Mission Bay area (MB1 & MB2) were designed with energy efficiency, tenant flexibility and community in mind. The HVAC systems were designed to meet LEED Platinum and WELL Building Certification. The core and shell system utilized a chilled, tempered, and hot water system to condition the tenant spaces via a centralized air handling system and distributed underfloor air, radiant floor heating and cooling, and radiant ceiling cooling. Both building are served by a chilled water plant with equipment located in MB1 and piped underground to MB2. The heating system equipment is located in MB2 and serves both buildings with an underground piping connection. 

Aesthetics, functionality and tenant comfort were the focus of the tenant improvement build out for this project. Both buildings feature a nearly fully transparent facade with operable windows for natural ventilation. The MB2 building features a “green roof” design including an open-air auditorium, landscaping, casual gathering places, and an urban farm to create a place where tenants feel inspired and connected to one another and the environment. 

The project includes a grey water treatment plant to serve both buildings by treating collected rainwater along with waste water collected from showers, lavatory and drinking fountains. A combination of above ground and below ground vaults are used to store collected and treated water. A separate grey water piping system is piped to serve plumbing fixtures for flushing in both buildings. The project features multi- story facade planters with live hanging plants. A concealed irrigation system was plumbed inside structural window framing throughout the facades in both buildings to serve the drip irrigation system at the planters. MB2’s domestic hot water is heated by a solar heat tube array with backup gas water heaters while domestic water is heated by multiple electric water heaters for MB1. 

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