Internship Program Information

United Mechanical has a hands on, 10-12 week summer internship program. This is a great opportunity to experience the everyday life of a Mechanical Design Build Engineer or Project Engineer. During this program you will have the chance to learn how to use an estimating software, read and analyze drawings, and you will have the opportunity to visit ongoing job sites.



What Keeps us Coming to Work?

“The UMI internship program was a great introduction to the workforce. Everyone is not only willing to help, but eager to help and expand your knowledge all while having so much fun!” – Design Engineer Intern, 2023

“My favorite aspect about United Mechanical is the culture and the learning environment. Moving to a new state and being fresh to the HVAC industry, United took me in like family and I am so happy to be starting my career here! ” – Project Engineer, 2023

” In all honesty, I didn’t know much about UMI, but I happened upon their stand at a career fair. Later on, I received a call about an onsite interview. At the interview, I had an opportunity to meet the team and tour both the sheet metal and piping shops. Everyone was so friendly and encouraging and I was impressed by the in-house fabrication UMI is capable of. The people were the best part of the internship. I worked with different teams and got an understanding of how each individual brings a unique perspective to the table, especially when it comes to design. I felt valued and respected, and it was clear that everyone at UMI only wanted the best for me. My internship had been so positive, and I knew that if I wanted my career to flourish, I needed a supportive environment like UMI had given me. In the HVAC industry, no matter which company you choose, your job will essentially be the same. It really comes down to the people and the culture of the company.” – Project Engineer, 2022

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