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Santa Clara Square

GC - Hathaway-Dinwiddie
Location - Santa Clara, CA
Square Footage - 735,000

The corporate campus, owned by The Irvine Company, has started with the construction of (2) 6 story, (1) 8 story and (2) 2 story buildings, totaling 735,000 sq. ft. The core and shell portions of the project are plan spec, while tenant improvements are provided in a design build delivery format. The buildings also include an executive briefing center, gym, and complete cooking kitchens with dining area for employees. Of the 735,000 sq. ft., 65,000 is being dedicated to labs and R&D.

Estimated completion: 11/30/2015


Multi-Tenant Campus

GC - Devcon Construction
Location - Sunnyvale, CA

This new Multi-tenant campus is a design build project to include (8) Trane Intellipak units. The rooftop footprint for the larger buildings necessitated a custom Trane unit “pass-through” layout allowing for all units to serve one common shaft.

The (2) 6-story buildings are currently under construction on 505 and 555 Mathilda, totaling 209,000 sf ft. will soon be occupied by Apple. The tenant improvement portion includes fifteen floors of office space, two full service kitchens, dining areas, one fitness center and one data center.

(Not pictured but a part of this campus)
The new LinkedIn 5 story Class A building totaling 157,000 sq. ft., is a LEED Gold build-out; including kitchen cafe, fitness center and 60 tons of computer room cooling.

Google Tech Corners

Google Tech Corners

GC - Devcon Construction
Location - Sunnyvale, CA
Square Footage - 715,000

The new Google Tech Corners 715,000 sq.ft. campus was completed with a full mechanical retrofit of (4) Four story class A office R&D buildings and one state of the art fitness center. This project (completed in September 2014) is certified LEED Gold. The retrofit included a complete upgrade of mechanical infrastructure including rooftop AC Units, roofs and shaft ductwork.

Juniper Building 2A & 2B

Juniper Building 2A & 2B

GC - San Jose Construction
Location - Sunnyvale, CA
Square Footage - 636,000

The new Juniper Networks corporate campus has started with the construction of (2) 8 story (318,000 Sq. feet) Class A buildings. This design build project include built up penthouse mechanical rooms with state of the art air side economized labs located on 3 floors of each building. The buildings also included an executive briefing center and complete cooking kitchens with dining area for their employees.

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